Nevada Water and Power
Nevada Water and Power promotes Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation,
Clean Energy and Clean Water Technologies, Policies and Practices

Nevada Water and Power, a project of U.S. Water and Power, is a new public interest venture designed to promote sustainable water and energy technologies, policies and practices. We aim to implement our mission through education, research and development, coalition building and providing water/energy consumers with choices. We are working to build a future based on sustainable resource management. Our focus is on energy efficiency, water use efficiency, water/energy conservation, water quality and clean energy production. Our goals are a better environment, better public health and sustainable economies.

Nevada Water and Power, in partnership with United States Water and Power, takes action regarding:

* Water and Power Resource Management.
* Local Air Quality and Global Climate Change.
* Energy Independence and Security.
* Environmental Protection and Economic Growth

Nevada Water and Power helps consumers pursue energy efficiency, water conservation, clean energy and clean water goals. This initiative is designed to support new and existing clean energy and clean water programs in Nevada and nationwide. 
U.S. Water and Power seeks partners in developing Nevada Water and Power.

U.S. Water and Power, a nonprofit public benefit corporation,  is working in partnership with both the public and private sectors. Partner with us in Nevada and help lead your community in smart resource planning and sustainable resource development. Grow with us as our web community grows. Let's build the future together.

United States Water and Power


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